Our Engagement Partners

Specialists in their field, our partners are the very best in class and provide unique solutions to enable employee engagement.

To become a partner, email contactus@humancapcon.co.uk or call us on 020 8895 6375


Always-On Employee Feedback

Thymometrics is the new breed of employee feedback technology. Through real time, always-on surveys and anonymous feedback solutions, we provide revolutionary yet simple tools to empower employees whilst providing managers with deep and useable insights to improve business culture, staff well-being, productivity and profitability. Thymometrics is headquartered in the UK with offices in the US.


Click HERE for an introduction to Thymometrics.


We are the first NEUROTECH® Company on the planet


Truth Sayers want to fundamentally change the way that people engage, whether that’s between an employer and their employees or an organisation and its customers. It’s what they are passionate about and why they get up in the morning and go to work, excited about what they've built and who they'll meet. Their Neurotech® platform combines neuroscience with technology and data to deliver insights that simply haven’t been made available to business before. Now they want to bring our innovations to you.


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