Invitation, 06th Jun 2019

On the 06th June, 2019, we will be filming real anonymous employee engagement interviews and invite you to come and participate.

Recorded interviews will be hosted on the Human Capital Consultancy YouTube Channel.

Share your true opinions as we film real, anonymous interviews by real employees for our new YouTube channel

We believe that employees share deeper information and provide more useful engagement data when they are listened to through interviews and not just asked to complete employee satisfaction surveys. On the 06th June, 2019 we will be filming engagement interviews with employees to showcase the power of our Anonymous Intelligence Programme. Interviewees will each wear an Anonymous mask as to protect their identity and allow them to speak freely about their level of engagement at their current employer.

To participate simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the Select Interview Time button below.
  2. Select 06th June 2019.
  3. Select the time slot you wish to be interviewed.
  4. Turn up on the 06th June, at the time you selected to be interviewed over 15 minutes.

Human Capital Consultancy is a qualitative employee engagement research partner. We know that transformation of your employee experience begins with capturing genuine, qualitative employee engagement data and we do this through our advanced employee listening programme.

Interview Process:

  1. Arrive for lite refreshments.
  2. You will not be asked for your employer name.
  3. Choose from a selection of Anonymous Masks to protect your anonymity.
  4. Q&A over 15 minutes.
  5. Interview Complete
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